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Registration open for Girls FUNctional Movement and Self Empowerment Class

September 22

Classes begin Wednesday, September 28th and Thursday, September 29th at 4:15 pm. Classes will be held weekly through December 15th. Class fees are $18 per class, paid monthly. Class size is limited, call, text or email to register now.

Class Description:

In this fun class, girls will learn some basic pilates and break down common exercises that they will encounter in most sports or Physical Education class. They will learn on proper alignment and how to perform exercises using the appropriate muscles. They will discover that strength is easier to find when they are not working against themselves or holding tension in other muscles. Feldenkrais principles are used to learn movement options through awareness. They will learn some some Brain Gym exercises and other techniques to help with self regulation for any time they need to up-regulate to focus, or down-regulate to calm themselves.

Self-empowerment is an underlying focus woven throughout the class. They will learn that awareness is something they can focus on at anytime in their lives, no matter what they are doing. Self-advocacy and listening to and honoring their bodies is encouraged at all times. Girls will learn that the requisite for self advocacy is self awareness and attunement to their needs, and they will learn techniques to access what their needs are. Positive body image messages are foundational. Girls will hold aspirations for themselves and identify what they can work with to make life easier in general.