Because experience changes the brain, well crafted, intelligent experiences within a session are critically important. Similar to Montessori educational philosophy, I provide experiences that awaken my client’s innate capacity to learn.

My aim is to work toward optimal structural alignment of the body first. Next, I help my clients gain the awareness necessary to fully inhabit themselves from within. They learn to “map” and richly develop their brain’s image of themselves. By guiding them to explore new movement possibilities and addressing balancing strength/flexibility, they can free their bodies of many limitations and learn how to move with freedom and ease.


I help clients discover:

  • how to release and let go
  • different options for movement
  • novel ways to initiate movement
  • how to integrate parts of their bodies into a well functioning whole

Incredible transformation is possible through the unique combination of  Rolfing® Structural Integration, Feldenkrais® and Pilates.

  • Rolfing® 10 series provides optimally aligned structure, free from the strains of old habits.
  • Feldenkrais® addresses habitual patterns and provides new options for movement.
  • Pilates provides the strength that allows access and ownership of our body’s true potential.