Working with Kids

Leighann not only works with adults, but is one of very few somatic educators/bodyworkers who specialize in working with children.

Leighann respects each child’s needs, personality and individual process. She is happy to make house calls to ensure a child’s comfort. Leighann’s playful and fun approach provides optimal support for children who are engaged in or who have completed Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Vision Therapy. Leighann is happy to work in collaboration with therapists.

Leighann also works with child athletes and performers, educating them about proper alignment, awareness and form. Leighann addresses compensational movement patterns that emerge after injuries, as well as any developing patterns or habits that might limit a child’s potential.

Leighann looks at structural restrictions, functional and habitual patterns to prevent or reverse problematic patterns from taking root. She educates and explores new options of healthy patterns with children. It may sound complicated, but to your child it just looks and feels like play. Your child’s nervous system will select a functional pattern automatically…the brain learns with repetition and novel experiences that feel good.

Additionally, Leighann is the founder of Artemis Movement, an organization that offers awareness and personal empowerment workshops for adolescent girls and their mothers. Workshops are body based and designed to cultivate the necessary self-compassion for awareness, to develop a gap between stimulus and response so that students can make powerful choices for their lives free from outside pressures.