Feldenkrais most simply put is is learning through awareness and movement.

Often after Rolfing Structural Integration people will ask “How do I keep this feeling and avoid returning to the old habits that got me into this place of limitation and pain?” That’s where Feldenkrais comes in! In Feldenkrais lessons we explore habits in moving, thinking, sensing and feeling. We become aware of our neuromuscular patterns, and develop new abilities.

Through sophisticated lessons designed to interrupt habitual patterns and illuminate new options a client will begin to discover possibilities for easier, more efficient and pleasurable ways of functioning in the world. Since the actions we take in life are movements, there can be a generalized feeling of ease and enhanced well being in all of life, not just in movement as we typically think of it.

The Feldenkrais Method is grounded in principles of physics, neurology, physiology, biomechanics and human development. The method employs the conditions in which human beings learn best for optimal results.

In Feldenkrais, we aren’t treating, fixing, rearranging anything, instead our aim is to create new neural pathways of connection and possibility of movement, to de-couple and differentiate movement patterns so that new options become available. We tap into a deep, innate capacity to learn through awareness, directed attention and experience.

“If it is possible for a person to reach a condition in which he registers improvement every time he does something, there is no limit to his possible achievement.” – Moshe